The Power of Momentum

Getting teams & athletes competitive-ready

With a focus on helping teams and clubs create efficiency and effectiveness around their training sessions and competitions, our primary objective is to improve the experience of every young athlete and help them become more “competitive ready” by supporting the whole person: physically, emotionally and nutritionally.

Not every product...just the right ones

All the products we supply are hand-picked by our founders (and experts), who collectively include a physical therapist, performance trainer, sports nutritionist and sports psychologist. Not only do they recommend these products, they use them daily with the young athletes they treat and train. Several of their athletes have made it to the pros, so they must know what they are doing. 

Our entire catalog of training and nutritional products is continually reviewed, interpreted and customized by this team of functional experts. So you always access to the latest "tried and true" products.

Create your own momentum

You or your team have unique training goals and needs. In some cases, we’re confident we’ve already developed a training or fuel PAC (performance aligned collection) for what you need. In others, you may need a custom-assembled solution. Either way, you can consult with us to make sure you get the PAC or products that will deliver the specific results you're looking for.