6" Diameter Foam Roller

  • 6" Diameter Foam Roller
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6" Diameter Foam Roller




We know that a regular routine of foam rolling creates healthier muscle tissue by releasing trigger points (aka, those little knots in your muscles), a process otherwise known as myofascial release. An athlete who foam rolls can increase range of motion, muscle activation and muscle recovery.

We like this product because its extremely durable because of its high density, closed cell design. And because of its 6 in. diameter size, it rolls easier than smaller diameter rollers. This larger diameter also works well with large-frame athletes (over 6' 5" and/or over 250 lbs.) who need more leverage/clearance when foam rolling.

Available in both 12 in. and 36 in. lengths, both sizes lend themselves as a great tool for team use. The 12 in. length is a bit more portable and works well anywhere from in a hotel room to on the practice field. If you put in just a little time foam rolling before a training session and just after a practice or game, you will see the work translate into your on-field performance.


Length: 12 in., 36 in.
Diameter: 6 in.
Material: High density, molded, closed cell foam
Colors: Black
Sold As: Individual Unit (Team Pricing Available - contact us for details)


  • Closed cell construction makes it durable and low-maintenance

Carbon Athletics honors the product manufacturer's warranty. If you have a problem with this product please contact us and have your proof or purchase available for reference.