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Athlete Sandbag Kit

  • Athlete Sandbag Kit

Brute Force

Athlete Sandbag Kit




We believe the key to developing real, authentic athletes is to minimize the 'laboratory' mindset of symmetrical, uniform exercises and maximize the movements and patterns an athlete would use in 'real world' competition. Enter the sandbag. This might just be the ultimate tool for real life strength and resistance training.

Exercising and training with a sandbag incorporates multi-plane movements you experience daily in real life. A sandbag can be used to simulate 'real weight' movements of a sport, like pushing and pulling, hip drive and core rotational patterns...which train the muscles and movements for a opposed to symmetrical movements you would use in a gym, like curling dumbbells.

We especially like the Brute Force sandbag because of all the different handles positioned across and throughout the bag. This allows us to maximize the hand positions, and ultimately types of lifts we're able to do with this product. Its highly versatile allowing us to train an endless number of ways. Throw in the fact its made from high quality material making it extremely durable and you can't go wrong with using this product.


Maximum Dimensions: 30 in. x 13 in. (based on stretched shell) 
Weight Capacity: 25-75 lbs. (34 kg) filled
Materials: 1000D Military-spec Cordura, military-grade Velcro, 5 panel seat belt webbing
Colors: Black
Sold As: Individual Unit

    • Four (4) different pairs of soft grip handle configurations; including neutral grips, barbell grips, suite case grips, end cap grips
    • Two (2) filler bags included; (1) Double Velcro 50 lb. & (1) 30 lb. filler bag
    • A number of different media can be used as filler material with your sandbag kit; including sand (recommended), pea gravel, rubber mulch, steel shot and rice. Take into consideration the density of the filler material used, as it will affect the maximum weight of the bag.
      Carbon Athletics honors the product manufacturer's warranty. If you have a problem with this product please contact us and have your proof or purchase available for reference.