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Door Jamb Strap Door Jamb Strap


Door Jamb Strap




We like this product because it allows an athlete to exercise anywhere. Use in your hotel, in your home, on the field, at the gym. Create a 'home gym' anywhere you are - no excuses.

Made of strong nylon webbing, the Door Jamb Strap by Stretchwell provides a secure anchor for performing personal exercises at home or on the road – anywhere you need a quick and targeted workout. Talk about easy: just loop the end of the band or tubing to an arm, leg or foot and attach the strap to a door jamb, doorknob, pull-up bar or other stable anchor point and you have an inexpensive alternative to traditional assist straps. Just be sure to follow instructions exactly as indicated so that the jamb strap stays safely secured.

Besides being a convenient training or rehab tool, the easy-to-grip strap lets you do a variety of stretching and strength-focused exercises with bands and tubing. The compact, go-anywhere door jamb strap is the perfect fitness tool for athletes on the go. We've also found that they do a great job of extending the life of your bands and tubing by preventing you from anchoring them to things that will wear, nick or tear them.


    Length: 7 in.
    Material: Nylon Webbing
    Color: Black
    Sold As: 2-pack


      • Inexpensive alternative to traditional assist straps
      • Ideal for travel, when out of town for games/tournaments


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