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Padded Medicine Ball

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Padded Medicine Ball Padded Medicine Ball Padded Medicine Ball

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Padded Medicine Ball




Every young athlete needs to be foundationally strong before developing other parts of their game. There aren't many products that can train your core quite like a medicine ball can. They're ideal for working on hip drive, which is the source of your lower body power.

Padded medicine balls are also great for rotational throws, which develop your upper body strength and stability by combining lifting while moving. The padded aspect of the medicine ball makes them big and easy to catch. This added feature allows for athletes to train with good hand placement, meaning hands will be in a little wider, more natural position - similar to what would be experienced during most competitive events.

We like this padded medicine ball from Get Rx'd because its a great value for the money and has the quality and durability we'd expect. It compares to top end medicine balls, like Rogue, but at a very reasonable price. Its one of them most versatile resistance training tools we use.

Hold it. Carry it. Run with it. Climb stairs with it. Throw it. Whatever you do, you'll be getting a great workout. A padded medicine ball may not fit into a training bag, but it will fit into a car - take this training tool with you wherever you go. 


Diameter: 14 in.
Weight: 6 lbs., 10 lbs., 16 lbs., 20 lbs., 25 lbs.
Color: Black
Sold As: Individual Unit


  • Every ball tested to meet balancing standards
  • Reinforced design keeps ball compact and round
  • Cross-tie pattern keeps everything tight and prevent loosening
  • Reinforced material inside and outside
  • Double stitched exterior shell
  • Anti-bacterial, anti-mold, fire resistant, water-resistant shell 

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