Failing to plan is a plan to fail. Athletes who plan their meals and snacks for competition will have an advantage over their competitors. Today, lets focus on nutrient timing (a.k.a the best time to eat) of fats for athletes.

Reminder: 20-35% of an athlete's calorie intake per day should come from fats, mostly from plant-based fats along with a smaller portion coming from animal based fats.

When to Eat Fats
Pre Game/Training Meal: Consume 20-35% of calories in this meal from healthy fats 30-60 minutes
Prior to Competition/Training: Limit fat during this time as it can cause GI upset
During a Competition/Training: @MammaChia Squeezes is what we recommend at Carbon Athletics during a competition or training. These squeezes are in a gel form so they are absorbed very quickly and are high in omega-3 fatty acids quickening muscle recovery.
Recovery Meal: Consume 20-35% of calories on in this meal from healthy fats



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