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Nutrition Fuel impacts every single athlete. It’s a constant topic discussed when it comes their development, yet it remains one of the biggest voids in preparation, negatively affecting their training, development, competitive readiness and ultimately, performance.  Our high school team nutrition program & products provides the framework to facilitate better nutrition for your athletes while building better habits and understanding through the experience.

How To Get Started

  1. Fill out the team survey so we can provide a quote (for bulk ordering)
  2. We set up your products specific to your team/athletes (for individual athlete purchases)
  3. We set up an online portal/page on our site for your team/school
  4. We provide you email templates to send info to your parents for individual ordering
  5. We give you free nutrition instruction posters for display in your training area
  6. You get a rebate for all orders from your portal
  7. Your athletes eat better, are better prepared
  8. You win more games

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