100% Focused on Performance Nutrition

We are a Sports Nutrition company focused on fueling the performance of young athletes with exceptionally clean, healthy, and delicious whole foods and beverages. Our products are combined and assembled into kits that support specific sports and competitive events.  

Half of the magic in what we do lies in the products our dietitian selects for each type of sports, event, or training scenario. The other half of the magic is in the unique and perfectly designed product combinations and consumption timeline we provide with each of our nutrition kits.

Eat to Compete

We believe that what an athlete puts in his or her body is directly related to the performance that comes out of it.

One of the big issues we see in high level youth sports, especially deep into the season and/or late into the second half of games, players tend to appear out of shape or to have “dead legs”. Coaches assume athletes are out of shape when they are actually out of gas. Literally, they have no fuel left in the tank.

This is precisely why we place as much focus on how young athletes fuel their bodies as we do on how they train their bodies. Food fuels every cell in our body. So, the obvious question is, why not power our systems with “premium fuel” instead of standard unleaded? Especially when there really isn’t a premium price associated with premium fuel. It usually comes down to an issue of understanding and awareness.

Our mantra is “eat to compete”. We provide young athletes with the kind of premium fuel that not only drives on-field results but provides a framework for the knowledge and skills needed for a lifetime of healthy eating.

Committed to Young Athletes

Long before we started providing nutrition products, Carbon Athletics was started with a single purpose in mind; to have a positive impact on the youth sports industry and affect change. Although what we do has changed over the years, what we stand for hasn’t. We are still committed 100% to helping develop and support young athletes by providing the highest quality nutrition products and expert-driven information.