What are the top food allergens?

The top food allergens include dairy, wheat, egg, soy, corn, shellfish, pork and peanuts/treenuts.

How does sports nutrition relate to allergens?

Our immune system is similar to a bucket. Many situations in life such as stress, medication use, poor diet, etc. cause the “bucket” to overflow. When that bucket “overflows” we start to experience symptoms. When an athlete is symptomatic (fatigued, recovering poorly, not having a daily bowel movement, sudden onset of food allergies or food sensitivities etc.) we know the immune system has been overloaded. By providing an allergen-free approach to sports nutrition, the athlete’s “bucket” begins to empty and suddenly, chronic symptoms decrease in severity and often times, resolve completely. The end result? The ability to train harder and compete stronger.

How allergens can impact on-field performance

Think of it this way, the vast majority of our immune system lives in the gut! Many of the annoying symptoms athletes experience i.e. fatigue, pain, chronic skin conditions, bowel irregularity etc. are a direct reflection of our immune system’s ability to function. If an athlete is able to eat in a way that “lightens the load” of the immune system “bucket” the athlete will then experience an improvement in overall health, thereby improving energy, strength, stamina etc. on the field.

Have questions about allergens? Just ask.

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