Carbon University

Knowledge is power. Our mission is to help the athletes, coaches and parents maximize their power. That's why we created Carbon University. We tapped into the years of experience and knowledge of our experts to get insights into what makes great young athletes. The answer was unanimous. Athletes need to develop all aspects of their being; not only how train their bodies the right way, but know how to minimize their chance of injury. Additionally they need to know how to fuel their body with proper nutrition and strengthen their mind with the right information.

So we created a set of educational resources for you to reference as you progress along your journey as an athlete. We hope to be accompany you on that journey, no matter what phase you're in. Check out the information we've created and curated, and if you ever have a question, just contact us.

Knowledge Center
Learn the basic concepts that every athlete, coach and parent needs to know.


Sports Psychology

Read our blog, titled Provoking Thoughts, to stay atop the latest trends, news and insights as we add our perspectives and points of view.

Brain Bites
Brain Bites are weekly bite-sized mental nutrition nuggets developed by our psych expert to keep you grounded and playing to win.