Event Support & Delivery Coordination

If you run a tournament, meet or some other type of athletic event, we can provide you with a valuable service that not only enhances your event, but provides an opportunity to generate additional revenue through the sale of nutrition fuel PACs. Companies we work with in this capacity typically engage with us in one of 3 scenarios.

  • The first scenario is the most direct. We work with you to identify the optimal fuel PAC to support the type of event you're running. From there, you simply order a set number of PACs at a discounted rate and we ship them to you prior to the event so that you have them on-hand for resale at your event. You own the inventory and can set the retail price. We can provide promotional information and materials to use in displaying and selling your PACs at your event.

  • Another option is for a more collaborative and shared effort  where you promote the fuel PACs to attending teams and/or athletes prior to the event. You (or Carbon, if you prefer) would take orders and collect payment (or possibly include as a portion of registration) and then provide Carbon with a list of confirmed teams and quantities. At that point we would ship to you organized, packaged and arranged by team.

  • A third option would be the most hands-off option for you. In this scenario, you would provide Carbon with a list of confirmed teams (coaches and/or attendees) with email addresses. We would reach out to the teams direct to promote and sell the fuel PACs. Under this option, we would use a special promotional code to track all orders driven by your event. All bulk orders made by teams tracked to your event will earn you a 2% rebate. 

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