Your In-Season Nutrition Strategy: Fuel to Compete

Proper game day nutrition is vital for athletes when it comes to performing consistently and at their best throughout the season. Athletes want to aim to consume a plate 50% full of slow-burning complex carbohydrates, 25% lean protein, and 25% color (vegetables or fruits) 3-4 hours before games and practices. Athletes should aim to consume a light snack that can be easily absorbed 30-60 minutes before game time, such as a fruit/vegetable carbohydrate squeeze.

During competition athletes should consume carbohydrates that can be absorbed quickly, such as coconut water and ripe bananas. As athletes recover from competition, they should aim to consume a simple carbohydrate with a protein to stop muscle breakdown and start repairing glycogen stores.

We have put together a PAC that provides all of these before, during, and post-game snacks so athletes can make sure they are getting exactly what they need for game day. This PAC is called the Game Day Pac and we have a specific PAC to support just about every sport. If you can't find what you're sport, contact us and we'll build it out for you.