Baseball is a sport that requires so many physical dimensions of an athlete. Jumping, running, throwing, twisting, bending, changing speed and direction are those dimensions baseball players are evaluated on. Good baseball players have one or two of them. But elite baseball players master all the physical aspects of the game. Training for baseball in a weighted vest can help these athletes reach a new height in performance.  Paying attention to the little things in your baseball training can add up to make a big difference in your performance and productivity. 

Every young athlete striving to improve (as well as their parents) needs to understand full body health. By teaching young athletes the importance of proper nutrition today, we believe that not only performance may improve, but overall quality of life and health down the road may improve dramatically as well.

 Modern day baseball players are superior athletes. They are big, fast and strong. They are 5-tool players who can hit for average, hit for power, field, throw and run. To get to that point, a focused, baseball-specific training program that incorporates nutrition fuel can significantly increase bat speed, striking power, throwing velocity, speed and agility.

 Our world-class nutritionist is the first Board Certified Sports Dietitian in the United States to have advanced training in Functional Medicine and extensive experience with a Functional Sports Nutrition approach. She uses an individualized “food first” approach to fight inflammation and increase energy while improving recovery and overall performance. She has assembled a set of guiding principles that provide practical insights, tools and resources for young athlete’s (and their parents and coaches) to understand not only how to eat right, but how eating can have a profound impact on performance.

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