Nutrition & Training Product Consultation

Whether you’re a team trying to figure out how get over the hump or a team trying to get a leg up on the competition, we can help you get there more efficiently. To do that, we provide coaches and teams food products to help your team optimize nutrition for game day performance. We provide customized fuel options based on your team’s/players’ sport and unique scenarios, along with specific use instructions for fuel PACs customized for you; what to consume, when and why it’s important or how it will positively impact performance.

For PACs custom designed for your team, a calculation form will be provided to capture details around your specific sport, needs or scenario. Details we'll collect include information around the number of athletes, general specs for the athletes on the team, number of games/competitions, duration of games/competitions, the environment or conditions of the games/competitions, etc. We’ll create a custom ‘recipe’ of either training products or healthy foods and beverages to optimize your team's performance from this information.

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