Our Story

How it all began

A couple of old college football teammates...one now a physical therapist and the other now a performance trainer. Both with over two decades of specializing in treating and training young athletes.

A sports nutritionist and dietician responsible for feeding one of the greatest NBA players of all time.

And the former sports psychologist for the US Olympic Track & Field Team.

When happenstance brought them all together it didn't take long to form a common bond that fueled a mission and started a company. And that's how Carbo Athletics was formed...on a guiding principal, a passion and belief that we collectively have the knowledge and means to drive better experiences and outcomes in youth sports.

Why it's important

The youth sports industry is seeing more participants and opportunities today than ever before…and growing!  However, with such huge numbers of participants, the unfortunate byproduct continues to be a limited number of resources who can focus on and/or put emphasis on athlete development, proper training & nutrition, parent information & awareness, and athlete direction. All of these constraints have created a paradigm we call the UPA, or  “unprepared athlete”, which contributes to a less-than-stellar athlete experience and ultimately young athletes who are at risk of poor performance, burnout, injury and strained & stressful relationships.

A dedication to athletes

We live this stuff. We’re passionate about this stuff. We’ve dedicated our careers to developing young athletes. As a physical therapist, performance trainer, sports nutritionist and sports psychologist, we see an opportunity to bring our collective experiences together to impact the youth sports culture through products, instruction and knowledge.

Our commitment is to helping young athletes grow and develop in all facets. We want athletes to be:

  1. Physically balanced
  2. Emotionally strong
  3. Educated on how to eat right
  4. With a higher propensity to avoid injury

If you are a coach, parent, or young athlete looking to develop or learn about any or all of these 4 principles, just drop us an email or submit the simple form below.