Performance Aligned Collections (PACs)

We make it easy for you to figure out what you need. We sort through mountains of fitness & nutritional products and training information then organize it into product collections to meet specific training and development needs. These collections of products, known as PACs (Performance Aligned Collections) provide the tools for a better training session, better event nutrition, better athlete development, and create powerful team momentum.

Why a PAC Approach Works

    Team Efficiency

    Momentum is a powerful thing. Having the tools to implement ideal performance training and nutrition across your team improves athlete preparedness and contributes to team culture and player accountability.

    Training Effectiveness

    Each PAC contains targeted training tools or nutritional products to meet the specific task at hand. Age, body type, athlete maturity, competitive level, sport demand - all are considered when creating our PACs, as well as when designing custom PACs.

    Athlete Experience

    We are athlete-centered. PACs are designed to support the athlete experience by driving better practices and game-readiness. PACs are a key tool to supporting our overall goal: to help keep the athlete grounded and enhance their experience.

    Provoke Thought

    The role of the PAC for athletes, coaches, and parents is to support a deeper understanding of how to develop and thrive in the chaos of youth sports. It’s a different way to look at the tools needed to excel.

    Competitive Readiness

    Prepare to compete. The days and weeks leading up to the season, a game or an event all require specific training and nutritional needs. Putting a PAC into action enhances competitive-readiness.

    Pick Your PAC

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