Your Pre-season Nutrition Strategy: Fuel Often

It’s important for athletes to have consistency in their nutrition intake during preseason in order to keep the muscle mass they put on during the off-season and to help them transition into the season strong. Athletes should aim for a 2-3:1 carb-to-protein ratio when they are building their plates, so at least ½ their plate should be filled with healthy complex carbs, ¼ should be filled with a lean protein, and ¼ should be filled with vegetables.

It’s very important for athletes to maintain adequate carbohydrates stores during the pre-season to prevent fatigue and decreased muscle mass. Hydration is also key during the pre-season. If athletes are properly hydrated they will be able to train harder and perform better. We recommend athletes weighing themselves before a practice and then following that same practice to track fluid loss. For every pound of fluid lost, consume 20-24 oz. of fluid to replenish it.

One way to accomplish proper pre-season nutrition is through one of our Training Week PACs. These PACs include high quality products that will help you to achieve optimal pre-season nutrition intake during a week of practice or training sessions and prevent fatigue and muscle loss.