What is recovery nutrition?

Recovery nutrition is the act of fueling your body around the clock with quality, whole foods, in a way that replenishes what your body lost during training or competition. Recovery nutrition is most important immediately after practice or games.

How recovery affects on-field performance

When an athlete learns and implements a nutrition recovery strategy unique to their body and training demands, that’s when the magic happens. When an athlete’s body is properly nourished after a tough workout, he or she experiences a great level of energy, less muscle soreness, and often times greater strength thus allowing for an even better training session the next day. When training sessions are consistently great, you can imagine what happens next.

Using sports nutrition to impact recovery

While every athlete is different, there are three key components to mastering your recovery nutrition strategy. 1) Whatever you choose to consume should be whole food based and contain recognizable ingredients as to not promote inflammation 2) Protein must be a part of the equation as this is the best way to repair muscle. 3) Adequate carbohydrate must also be a part of the puzzle in order to replace lost glycogen stores.  

Have questions about food-driven recovery? Just ask.

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