Nutrition for Soccer

A Great Solution for COVID Concerns

With many schools now mandating all athletes bring their own food to practice or parents proactively monitoring what their child is eating while on school grounds during this pandemic, our Fuel PACs provide both a safe and convenient alternative to team communal meals or food prepared on-location. Our boxed nutrition kits provide prepared ready-to-eat whole food snacks & beverage that address several important needs during this era of COVID, including:

  • Pre-packaged products eliminate contamination
  • No person-to-person or person-to-product contact from on-site preparation or sharing
  • Shipped directly to your door
  • All our products are high quality food & beverages, helping to keep the immune system strong

The Training Demands of Youth Soccer

Soccer is an incredibly challenging sport. Your soccer training program must meet the demands of such a physically challenging sport. As with any sport where you must perform continuous bursts with very few breaks, resistance training will help your aerobic system. Elite soccer players must have a high anaerobic endurance and power. When dealing with a multi-sprint sport such as soccer you're going to build up lactic acid fast. The key is to have a strategy that addresses that lactic acid just as fast as it builds up. A big part of that solution is knowing how to properly fuel your body for this demanding sport.

The Importance of Nutrition on Soccer Performance

Strength. It's crucial to a soccer player. Power is needed for acceleration, quick changes of direction and elevation needed for a header. Beyond "soccer-centric" training that focuses on endurance, strength and specifically core strength, the single most important aspect to incorporate into a young soccer player’s preparation and performance is a purpose-based, soccer-specific nutrition plan.

Every young athlete striving to improve on-the-field performance (as well as their parents) needs to understand the importance of full body health. By providing young soccer players with the tools for proper nutrition, we know performance will not only improve today, but overall quality of life and health down the road will improve dramatically as an understanding of good nutrition habits are formed. 



Eat To Compete on the Soccer Pitch

At Carbon Athletics, our world-class dietitian uses a sport-specific, individualized, “food first” approach to increase energy and fight inflammation while improving recovery and overall performance. Based on a set of guiding principles rooted in whole food and beverages, Carbon Athletics has assembled the perfect combination of nutrition products for soccer players. Our Soccer Fuel PACs (Performance Aligned Collections) are the ideal combination of great tasting whole food and beverage products assembled by our dietitian to meet the performance needs of different soccer gameday scenarios (single game, multiple games in a day, tournament weekend) and weekly training leading up to games. We provide the specific instructions on what to eat and drink in precisely the right sequence and timing. 

Try one of Soccer Fuel PACs below and jumpstart your on-the-field soccer performance. And if your soccer player has any food restrictions, we offer custom allergen-friendly options as well.

Team Options Too

Coaches, we know you have your hands full with every possible responsibility that comes with running a soccer club or team. Player nutrition usually ends up being lower on your list of priorities. But now we’ve made it super-easy for you. You don’t have to worry about what to feed your players, make runs to fast food restaurants between games or have players tell you they don’t feel good after eating. Carbon Athletics’ Team Solutions provide super-economical, bulk-packed nutrition for your team. Essentially, we provide you with dietitian-selected whole food and beverages assembled by “pre-game”, “in-game” and “post-game” items accompanied with instructions on what to eat and drink at the appropriate time during gameday. On top of that, if you prefer for your parents to purchase for you players, we set you up with an online team portal for parent ordering. Every purchase made through your team portal generates a rebate for your team. So, in no time at all, you could be feeding your team for free. Email us for more details and to set up your free team portal.