What is a PAC?

Whole Food Performance Nutrition

Based on a set of guiding principles rooted in whole food and beverages, Carbon Athletics has assembled the perfect combination of nutrition products specific to different sports and training events. Our nutrition kits, called Fuel PACs (performance aligned collections), are the ideal combination of great tasting, nutrient-dense, whole food and beverage products assembled by our dietitian to meet the performance needs of different gameday scenarios (single game, traveling away games, tournaments, playoffs) and weekly training leading up to games, meets, matches and events.

Why it Works

At Carbon Athletics, our world-class dietitian uses a sport-specific, individualized, “food first” approach to increase energy and fight inflammation while improving recovery and overall performance. Half of the magic in our PACs lie in the products selected. Each PAC contains nutritional products to meet the specific task at hand. Age, body type, athlete maturity & age, competitive level, sport demand - all are considered when creating our PACs, as well as when designing custom PACs for teams. The other half of the magic lies in the timeline. With each PAC, we provide the specific instructions on what to eat and drink in precisely the right sequence and time to maximize the effectiveness of nutrition on an athlete’s performance.

Only the BEST Products

All of the products we use promote a natural whole food approach rich in key macronutrients, including protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats. We use only the purest food and beverage products, rich in simple, natural ingredients. We don’t believe in powders, pills or supplements - just pre-packaged food and beverages. None of our products require refrigeration, so shelf life is long and stable. Allergen-free (peanut/dairy/gluten/soy/egg) food and beverage alternatives are available, so contact us if you have any special requirements.