What is Your Ideal Nutrition Timeline?

What is a Nutrition Timeline and Why it Matters

Every one of our Fuel PACs comes with a nutrition timeline, which outlines our dietitian’s instructions for what items in the PAC to eat and drink at exactly the right time and sequence. Knowing the exact timing of how an athlete fuels his or her body is critical to performance and muscle recovery for each training session, game, meet, match or event. That’s why our dietician outlines when to eat every one of the products in each of our nutrition Fuel PACs. Individually, each product is important. When combined as directed, the impact is even greater.

Know Your Nutrition Timeline

Based on the specific sport and type of event, our Fuel PACS are designed to address the critical needs of the body at each phase of the event and/or the day(s) leading up to it. From energy production to mental focus and muscle recovery, our nutrition timeline strings together the best nutrition products in the optimal combination and at the right time to improve athlete performance.

Following is a high-level view of how our Fuel PACs are structured.