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Basketball Training Week Fuel PAC

  • Basketball Training Week Fuel PAC
Basketball Training Week Fuel PAC Basketball Training Week Fuel PAC

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Basketball Training Week Fuel PAC




Basketball preseason practice is an intense phase of the season.  Skills and drills, running the court, and time in the weight room; each requires a high physical demand.  Energy and recovery needs are at an all time high during the first few weeks of the season and nutrition is critical to enhance recovery, reduce injury risk, and ensure optimal performance.  As you prepare for your first game, use the Preseason Fuel PAC to adapt to the workload of practice and increase your competitive readiness.

The Training Week Basketball Fuel PAC is a collection of nutrient-dense performance fuel selected by our nutritionist designed to get you ready during the days of preseason practices. This Fuel PAC provides the healthy carbohydrates and proteins to needed for extra energy while training, as well as the electrolytes and natural anti-inflamatories needed for post-workout recovery. Added to your balanced primary meals, this PAC will have a big impact on your practice energy and most importantly, your body's ability to recover from your time on the court.  

Moving forward, use Carbon Athletics as a resource and order anytime: individual products as needed or Fuel PACs for game day nutrition. Ask about our TEAM Fuel PACs to maximize the benefit of on court performance, allowing all players to fuel the same way.   


Just the right amount of healthy hand-selected food and beverages for your preseason fueling. It also includes instructions that outline what to consume and when, so all of the guess work is eliminated. This Fuel PAC DOES NOT contain any supplements, powders, mixes or artificial stuff.

Chia Seed Squeeze Pack: (2)
Grass Fed Protein Shake: (2)

Natural Electrolyte Drink: (1)
Natural Fruit Bar: (1)
Oatmeal Fruit Vitality Pack: (2)
Protein Energy Bites: (2)
Tart Cherry Juice: (1)

Sold As: Individual Unit (Team Pricing Available - contact us for details)


  • Premium fuel for optimal performance
  • Meets the specific energy demands of basketball
  • Instructions on what to eat & when
  • Promotes a whole food approach
  • Doesn’t require refrigeration
  • Standard Fuel PACs contain allergens. Allergen-free (peanut/dairy/gluten/soy/egg) & custom options available. Just email us your questions.


Every team has unique nuances to how they train and play. We can design a custom nutrition Fuel PAC solution to support those unique needs...especially around events or tournaments. To get the ball rolling, use our request a quote form and describe your team's scenario and needs. Our nutritionist will use the information you provide to design a custom fuel solution that'll get you the results you're looking for.